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Estate Planning

What happens when I die?

You have worked hard to build your wealth. What will happen to it when you’re gone? Who will be the major beneficiaries? You have three potential beneficiaries:

  • Family/Friends
  • Charity
  • Uncle Sam (also includes the state coffers)

You have the power while you are alive to make arrangements for how your wealth will be redistributed after you are gone. If you do not take advantage of that opportunity the state in which you reside will dictate how your estate is doled out. If you die without a legal will (die intestate), your estate will be redistributed according to your state’s intestate laws. Click here to see yours.

Most people prefer to choose who will get what. Similarly, most people also prefer to avoid paying taxes. The good news is you can customize how your estate will flow. If you are subject to taxes, you can choose from a variety of techniques to mitigate or completely eliminate your potential estate tax bill.

At Performance Investment Group, we realize that each person and family is different. We will work with you to design the plan that is right for you - one that makes you feel comfortable. We do not draft any legal documents, but will work with your attorney who will draft them. If you would like us to recommend an attorney for you we will be glad to do so.

Below are links to sample estate planning flowcharts we have created for various estate sizes. Click on each of the links for your net worth.

$10 million net worth

$20 million net worth

$50 million net worth