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Investment Management:

First $1 million:         .8%

Next $4 million:         .6%

Next $5 million:         .4%

Next $15 million:      .25%

Over $25 million:     .15%

Financial Planning:

Retirement Planning - $2,500

We’ll help you figure out how much of your wealth you need so you can plan appropriately with your excess wealth.

Insurance Planning - $2,500

We’ll help you figure out how much insurance you need or may want as well as what type is right for you.

Estate Planning - $2,500

We’ll show you a variety of ways to make your estate pass more efficiently to the next generation. Your plan can be as simple or complex as you like.

Charitable Planning- $2,500

We’ll help you figure out efficient ways to make your desired donations whether during your lifetime or at your passing.

Additional Services:

Maintenance (spending) plan - $2,500 per year (required for athletes)

Each year we will evaluate your spending patterns vs. your budget. We’ll show you the effects your spending has on your wealth and advise you how much you can afford to spend.

Insurance policy review - $500

Have a policy you don’t understand? We’ll review any permanent insurance policy you have and educate you about your options.

From time to time, we also do special projects for clients for a predetermined flat fee. Otherwise, our hourly rate is $300/hr.