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Congratulations on your successes! You are the wise and experienced players. Regardless of how much you knew about life or money when you entered the league, you are likely an expert in many ways today. Because the life of an NFL player can move so quickly, you have likely learned a lot over the past few years. Unfortunately, if you are like most players, you have learned the hard way, and your education in life-skills and financial matters have likely cost you a lot of money.

As a veteran, your focus is likely beginning to shift from football to life after football. Your primary goal should be making sure you have saved enough to care for yourself and your immediate family after your pay checks stop. Click Here to see how much money you need.

Having enough money today is no guarantee your financial future will always be bright. I have seen plenty of wealthy people go broke. Not just athletes, but many highly educated and successful business people. The two primary causes are poor investment choices and overspending. Often, it is a combination of the two. So, just because you have a lot of money today, does not mean it will last.

You must educate yourself thoroughly and stay on top of your finances. Though many people have a written budget somewhere, few people actually follow that budget. Most people are surprised to learn how much money they actually spend. We’ll help you track your wealth year over year so you can see the impact your spending patterns have. If you want to be a successful manager of your financial future, you need to understand how your money is invested and why.

Once your finances are in order, you will have more freedom to choose your next journey in life. Only you can know what your next passion is. We encourage you to think about what you are going to do after football. Perhaps you want to finish school, or start a business, or just lay low for a while. What ever it is, we encourage you to start preparing. You know from football, that practice wins games consistently. The effort that you put forth before each game is what determines your success during the game. Life is no different.

You have to pick the dream and we can help you make financial sense of it. We have seen many mistakes made and are here to help you avoid many of the financial mishaps we have seen over and over again. Financial matters are not really that complicated. When you are working, always spend less than you make. Once you have stopped working, always spend less than what your nest egg can handle. As an NFL player it is wise to treat each paycheck as if it is your last one. Even though these are simple concepts that require only simple math, most people still get them wrong.